Proper exercise before, during and after pregnancy is a proven way to improve the health and wellbeing of both mum & baby.
If you are thinking about working out and are also planning to have a baby soon or are already pregnant but are feeling a bit confused about the best fitness route to take, please read on…

The best form of exercise for pregnancy is resistance training. Here’s why:

1. When you resistance train you increase MUSCULAR STRENGTH. Being stronger means your joints will be more stable and less prone to pain. Back and hip pain are common during pregnancy due to more bodyweight and looser tendons and ligaments (due to the hormone relaxin), and a body that lacks strength is likely to hurt. Strong and stable bodies don’t hurt and resistance training is the best way to get strong and stable.

2. Resistance training SPEEDS UP your metabolism. Going into pregnancy with a faster metabolism means you will gain less excess body fat eating the same amount of food making it easier to stay a “healthy” lean.

3. Resistance training is ADAPTABLE allowing you to modify your workouts for your body as it changes through each trimester.

4. Resistance training done PROPERLY(slow and controlled), is low impact, making it one of the safest forms of exercise during pregnancy, with EFFECTIVE with results.

5. Women who resistance train tend to “bounce back” faster after childbirth than women who do other forms of exercise, having had two babies myself and strength trained through both pregnancies the recovery from pregnancy and birth is definitely faster!!

I MUST reiterate- It’s NOT a good idea to try to become the fittest version of yourself while pregnant. Pushing your body too hard will not get you any better results and is likely to result in injury and can negatively impact your health and your baby’s health. Working with a qualified pregnancy coach is advisable if you are unsure!