Strong Female For Life Collective

£159.00 / month for 3 months

In just 90 Days you WILL:

  • SLEEP better
  • LOOK, FEEL & MOVE better.
  • Know HOW to exercise effectively
  • Know HOW to EAT for your body goals
  • Learn the skill of CONSISTENCY
  • Live your LIFE without feeling deprived
  • Develop a healthier mindset around food & exercise


This my exclusive 90 Day Group Coaching Program and it is available to ONLY 6 people.

The Strong Female Collective gives you everything you need to be successful. You simply follow the plan and you WILL SUCCEED in reaching your body goals.

All of your workouts will be programmed based on whether you workout at home or at the gym. Every single workout comes with video explanation and the ability to track all of your workouts right in one place.

I teach you how to eat for your body goals. You don’t need rules for how to eat, but, instead you need sustainable nutrition. This is a set of guidelines for how to eat, that is a fully part of your own individual lifestyle.

I make it so simple, ANYONE can do this!

You will also get instant access to lots of family friendly recipes, resources, guides, trainings, and so much more! (check out the slides for all the details!)

This is an INCREDIBLE package that I have put together and the investment from you is small for what you will receive at the end of the 90 Days.

The Strong Female For Life Collective is for you if:

  • You are a woman age 40+ and you feel like nothing is working anymore
  • You want a plan that actually works long term
  • You’ve tried all the fad diets out there and are fed up with restrictions!
  • You have goals to achieve but need a simple plan to get there
  • You want to be a part of a SUPPORTIVE community
  • You feel lost in your workouts and have no idea where to start
  • You want to learn about nutrition & the benefits of eating to fuel your body
  • You know that you can't do this alone!


What's Included??

  • Your own Client Education Portal
  • Access to The Sculpt Strong Fitness App
  • Simple Nutrition Blueprint (no calorie counting required)
  • Workouts programmed every week inside your app with video instruction
  • Family friendly recipe Library
  • Meal Planning & Preparation Guide
  • Access to a Quick Ref Resource Library
  • Access to Video Library of Live trainings
  • Weekly accountability check-ins & feedback via the App
  • Weekly Progress Tracker inside the App
  • Onboarding call with me to set you up
  • Access to Private Facebook Community


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