Why procrastination is the kiss of death for success in life…

Do you often put off what you know you should do in order to help yourself or develop yourself? That little voice goes off in your head “maybe tomorrow” or “maybe when I feel like it” YES! Of course you do, we all do!!

Why do we put off the things that we know could help improve our lives? Why?

It takes work to improve ourselves, to change that’s why… It takes work to get up with the alarm, it takes work to get to the gym, it takes work to do the dishes, the list goes on…

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The Power of habits!!

What are habits?

According to the English dictionary: habits are something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it.

So how do we form habits?

We usually form habits when our actions are attached to a trigger. For example:

When you wake you go to the bathroom, Trigger: Getting out of bed, Habit: using the bathroom.

When you get to work you go get a coffee, Trigger: Work, Habit: coffee.

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Why you need a coach?

Why you NEED a coach?

A coach provides motivation, direction, guidance and so much more. I know what you’re thinking…and yes, I too have a fitness coach! All the top athletes in the world all have coaches!!

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