A round, firm and shapely bum is attractive to both men and women because it signifies strength and good health. The glutes are among the largest muscles of the human body and are powerful and dynamic movers. So how do I build these muscles effectively?

1. You need to be doing the correct exercises in order to BUILD those glutes. These are your basic foundational movements which include barbell squat, deadlift, lunges, good mornings and hip thrusts. If you are NOT doing those exercises weekly you will not build a great butt, period.

2. Your not lifting heavy enough weights to elicit a change. Heavy weights builds more muscle and it builds muscle faster. Since your goal is to develop your butt its logical to do it in the most effective way possible which is with HEAVY WEIGHTS and stay within the 6-15 reps range.

3. Frequency Matters. Yes that’s right you need to be hitting the glutes at least 3 times per week in order to allow the muscles to grow and adapt.

4. You need to do the exercise correctly. You need to teach the glutes to fire correctly in order to build a great butt otherwise you’ll end up with over developed quads and hamstrings. This can be done by priming your glutes prior to doing the foundational movements. This can be achieved by doing banded clams, donkey kicks, banded abduction, banded gluten bridges, etc. You need to focus on squeezing the glutes in order to make that mind muscle connection. Working within the 10-20 rep range.


• Laying banded clams
• Seated banded hip abduction
• Banded glute hip thrusts
• Standing banded hip abduction
• Banded glute pull through


• Barbell Back Squat
• Barbell Deadlift
• Lunge
• Good mornings
• Barbell Hip thrust