About Me

I am Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach with 12 years experience in the fitness Industry. Former Miss Bikini Northern Ireland, I specialize in female fat loss and Pre & Post Natal Exercise. Exercising for Health and longevity is my mantra. It should add to your life not take away from it. I focus on building from the ground up, teaching mobility and movement patterns as the foundation to any fitness program. A strong and stable base, paired with a great weight training programme and healthy diet, is the baseline for building a strong, healthy and athletic physique.

Move Train Feel Strong

A Stronger, Leaner, Healthier You.

Welcome to Move Train Feel Strong!
My focus is on helping busy women and time short mums transform their bodies and regain
their confidence.
Are you obsessively exercising and seeing little or no return? fed up going from one diet to the next?
Do you just want a simple nutrition and exercise plan? Then you’ve come to the right place!
Here at Move Train Feel Strong I teach you CLEAR and SIMPLE ways to build a LEAN and HEALTHY body
through traditional weight training and without having to obsessively diet or spend hours a day
training. I am NOT about quick fixes. I see training & fitness as a life-long commitment, making
lasting change. If you are ready to do the hard work and make a life-long change to your lifestyle
then I am the coach for you!



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