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Clodagh Personal Trainer


I teach you CLEAR and SIMPLE ways to build a STRONG, LEAN and HEALTHY body without having to obsessively diet or spend hours a day working out!

If you are ready to do the WORK and make a LIFE-LONG change to your HEALTH, BODY and MINDSET…STRONG FOR LIFE is the solution you have been looking for!

About Me

Hi I’m Clodagh, Owner of Sculpt Strong Fitness. I am also a busy mum of two and understand how hectic life can be sometimes and how easy it can be to put your own health and fitness goals on the back burner.

I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with 15 years experience in the Fitness Industry. I help women age 40+ to GET and KEEP the body they want for LIFE, without fad dieting or endless amounts of cardio. I don’t believe in starvation or deprivation diets, but instead focus on a customized approach to help women get to their goal and TEACH them along the way, so they never have to do another program again.


Whether you are in your forties or just approaching your fourth decade, weight loss IS possible. But you need to plan ahead, exercise smarter, and eat a good diet full of key nutrients that will keep your body and mind young and strong!

Life begins at 40!! You CAN reach your goals! 

Coach Clodagh x

Clodagh McGlynn - Personal Trainer

One on One Coaching

Custom Training Plan

I personally create a training plan you do on YOUR time, according to your fitness goals (with former injuries accounted for) and what equipment you have access to in your home and/or at the gym.

Custom Nutrition Coaching

According to your specific goals and lifestyle I create custom, yet flexible Meal Plans that suit your daily needs and calculate your specific nutritional targets for proper fuel for your body. Track your meals daily in my app so I can monitor, reflect, and leave feedback to ensure you’re staying accountable for your nutrition targets.

Communication & Check-ins

Along with in app messaging support, weekly check ins, and monthly progress tracking (via weigh ins and progress pics), so we can touch base and make sure your tailored program is aligned with your needs and goals. If not, we will adjust your program accordingly to accommodate any tweaks and changes needed to hit your goals.

What my clients say

Frances Topping

I absolutely love the one to one! When you have your initial first session with Clodagh, she goes over your goals and what you’d like to achieve, she then sets about helping you achieve your goals. Clodagh is a very reassuring person who makes you feel at ease and helps you build your confidence as you train. I’m starting to see results only after 4 weeks of training with her, and I’m feeling fabulous at the moment .I would recommend Clodagh and her training methods to everyone!

Rhonda Mawhinney

I have always been into fitness, but always cardio-based fitness. I had wanted to experiment in strength training for some time, but never had the confidence to experiment in a gym. I found Clodagh. We started with 2 sessions per week. I immediately fell in love with exercise again. Clodagh is an excellent coach and after each session I feel massively motivated. From learning a new exercise, to understanding how each movement benefits the muscle group being trained. The difference in my body composition over a 12 week period is fantastic.. I’ll definitely be continuing training with Clodagh and look forward to progressing my fitness journey even further.

Claire McDonagh

I’ve never been one of those people who loves the gym or looks forward to exercise, I just don’t have the self-discipline. Since having Clodagh as my PT I’ve loved training, the most important thing is that it’s fun and I look forward to every session. Clodagh makes it enjoyable and is very friendly. She is an extremely knowledgable Coach who really knows her stuff.

Vicky Johnston

I’m delighted to have found Sculpt Strong! There aren’t many Female Trainers out there and I just got on so well with Clodagh during the online consultation that I booked in with her straight away!! The concept of training at home has made it possible for me to get fit this year. Clodagh is dedicated, organised and communicates very well taking your fitness goals into full account. I would 100% recommend Clodagh to all my friends. I have been encouraged to workout on my own and eat well between sessions as she tracks all your progress online, making changes where necessary.

Iris Nelson

They always say the hardest step is the first one! But the decision to start training with Clodagh was an EASY one 😃 program Clodagh has devised is totally practical, incredibly easy to follow & whilst the exercises are tough are doable ! I really love the you tube videos for guidance & reminders at hand at all times 😃 love weekly check ins for any tweaks & encouragement. Genuinely one of best decisions made 🥰

Arlene Moody

I have been following Clodagh for a couple of months and have taken her tips on board. Her extensive knowledge in all things fitness including nutrition is second to none and her training programmes are very easy to follow with how to videos and tips. I can honestly say i already feel my body is getting stronger in only a few short sessions. Any questions i have asked have been informative and answered swiftly. I am very grateful i have found Clodagh and look forward to her coaching.

Frances Donnelly

Working with a female coach has allowed me to achieve the body shape I prefer. Clodagh is continually setting new goals, and working with me to improve my all round fitness and nutrition, I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Claire McConnell

Clodagh is a great Female Personal Trainer. I lost 1.5 Stone whilst working with her over 3 months. She has excellent knowledge on nutrition. She teaches the best workouts and are easy to follow. She always encourages and reassures you. She is extremely patient and really friendly.

Sinead Hawthorne

I’ve been coached by Clodagh online now for the last 2 months. Her knowledge and approach she uses in Nutrition and Training are extensive. I’ve had Personal Trainers before but none that have periodised my nutrition as well as my training. She only coaches females and her knowledge of the female body and hormones is brilliant. I was worried about doing online coaching as I thought it would be not as good as in person but we are in contact every week via call and most days via text. My training plan is updated each month and so is my nutrition. I’m losing weight down a dress size and feeling fabulous. Would highly recommend Clodagh at Sculpt Strong Fitness & Nutrition

Ann Taylor

HI I started with Clodagh before lockdown and was getting on exceptionally well. It was all new to me as I had never done personal training before .Clodagh made me feel really at ease and she is so easy to build up a rapport with. I thought that would be the end because of covid but to my delight she got in touch again and I have never looked back since .I’m back in the swing of it loving life getting toned seeing results and enjoying the social aspect of it all .I would highly recommend Clodagh for all your personal training needs

Aisling Trainor

I wanted to learn about food and wanted a better relationship with food. I wanted guidance on fitness and what I needed to do to lose fat. Clodagh was amazing. I couldn’t have done it without her. She gave me the tools, guidance and knowledge to help me become a healthier and happier person. I have a better understanding of food and protein etc. She helped me find myself again in simple steps. I never felt overwhelmed. I Chose Clodagh because I wanted to learn about food and nutrition. I could not fault anything. I would definitely recommend her as a Coach and the 12 week Program Strong Female For Life was done in simple steps. It was difficult to adjust initially but I have learnt so much and it is just now second nature to me.

Dolores Doonan

My goal was to feeling fit and healthy while losing weight. Clodagh helped me to achieve this by supporting and checking in weekly to monitor progress. She completely changed my mindset around food and my energy levels increased massively and I started sleeping so much better. I chose Clodagh because I’m getting married next year and I got into bad habits of eating crap and needed to fit into my wedding dress, which I now do thanks to Clodagh’s coaching program Strong Female For Life. I would definitely recommend Clodagh , she has a passion for what she does and cares about her clients wellbeing as well as helping them achieve their goals

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